Diners & Dishes

Our elegant raised pet diners are more than just attractive accents for your home, they're good for your pet's health.  Mealtime will be more comfortable for your pet when he doesn't have to crouch to eat, and the more natural position is much better for his digestion.  Your little friend is also less likely to paw at his food with a raised dish.

Please note the height of each feeder and the capacity of the dishes to determine the best choice for your pet.  Our smallest elevated diners are ideal for small or toy breed dogs and cats.  (See chart below for our Pets Stop diners.)

We also offer a special selection of dishes and bowls in sizes for both cats and dogs, including our new eco-friendly dishes made from bamboo and rice husks. They're safe for your pet, and good for the environment, too.

Pets Stop Diner Size Chart