Midnight Molly 5-Level Cat Tree

by PetPals
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The 5-level Midnight Molly is an  award-winning cat tree.   Its multi-level design and plush coverings offer cats an their own place to climb, play, scratch, and comfortably rest.  The plush condo also provides a cozy place to hide and nap.  Constructed with 7 posts covered in Paper Rope for cats to freely scratch at, and 3 feathered toys to play with at different levels. This interactive cat tree is perfect for multiple cat households, and aids in keeping the peace and natural hierarchy between cats.  The top perch comes with beveled edges where kitty can safely perch while surveying their surroundings from up high.  Levels at different angles aid in an easy transition from bottom to top.

Comes in a Coffee & Crème color combination to suit most home décors.  The Midnight Molly stands 60.5" high.